Laura Crane (formerly Laura Douglas) is an Australian horse and landscape artist, designer and conceptual creative for hire. Trained as a graphic designer, and painting for thirteen years, Laura now paints, designs and creates full-time from her home studio in Toowoomba and as she travels Australia and the globe.

Deeply moved by beauty and the power it carries to affect people in a positive way, Laura works lightly to capture those fleeting moments of peace, joy, freedom and delight; being very aware of the diametric state of the world, she aims to offer windows into idealic, airy realms and refuges of beauty and calm.

Wholly inspired by traditional Chinese culture, Laura aims to encapsulate the spirit and life of horses, birds and landscapes as simply and transparently as possible. She finds when she can achieve this, the work has movement and life and spirit.

Laura finds some of her purest work is created live-painting and painting en plein air where she can truly observe and experience the moment, and translate that sensation into imagery, as lightly as possible. She finds this method both equally exhilarating and exhausting, though is most always delighted with the results.

Laura works with acrylics, watercolours, gouache and oils on paper, linen, canvas and poly cotton. Crane found her way to painting through sculpture, and looks forward to returning more regularly to the discipline when the time calls. The same holds true for lino cutting.

Laura's work has been commissioned by Myer, the Victoria Race Club, Polo in the City, and paints each Spring Carnival for the Waterhouse family. Her works are held in private collections nationally and internationally, and she has live painted in Australia, Argentina, Spain and Abu Dhabi.

From the Artist

My wish for my art is to uplift and delight viewers, with the hope of leaving their hearts a little lighter. Walking a path of personal self cultivation, I have become aware of the impact visual imagery can have. Once observed, I felt a large responsibility to create works that have a positive impact on the viewer. 

For many reasons, horses and their free, courageous spirit seem always at the end of my brush.  It seems the surge of delight that comes with a gallop past translates well onto canvas and paper.

Always working to refine, improve and develop, I enjoy traditional Chinese culture, in particular the Tang dynasty, and feel connected with that time in the constant search for self improvement—and of course there are the Tang horses. Hugely inspiring. Through practice of the ancient Chinese cultivation way Falun Dafa, working on ones heart and mind, with the wish to simplify things to fit within Truthfulness Compassion Forbearance, I have discovered a whole new world within worlds within myself and now value so highly beauty in all forms and the positive affect it can have. 

I touch on the concept of worlds within worlds in  many of my pieces. I enjoy prompting contemplation on the size and import of each of us within the vast, boundless universe. I am moved by simplicity, the search of perfection within minimalism, and the uplift of changing colour values on white.

I enjoy painting en plein air, and live painting—capturing the feel of a moment, usually through horses and landscapes.  I also enjoy working on new approaches with traditional techniques—resolving light-fast and water-fast issues while maintaining the airiness of transparencies.

I look forward to continuing refining my technique to better capture the incredible and inspirational beauty and power of the horse and Australian landscape—and hopefully convey the value of heartfelt beauty to viewers.


I am at a new stage on my creative journey and feel as though a gentle, softly sure and flowing creative giant within has been awakened.
I just adore creating with an open, happy heart.
— Laura Crane
Laura Crane (Douglas) was our ‘artist-in-residence’ in our box at the recent Melbourne Carnival. She was fabulous.
Laura did marvellous paintings for all our guests, which they are now treasuring.
“Laura painted the most magnificent picture to celebrate my horse, Fiorente’s, win. It is firmly above our mantelpiece. We adore it.
Thank you Laura. You are very talented.
— Gai Waterhouse
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